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What is BestOnDesk?

BestOnDesk is an italian blog, created for the people who work in office, to give advices on products, but also articles on motivation, personal growth and personal finance. Idea came from a friend of mine, Marco Campagnolo, I created the first website in Wordpress and he is still writing the articles.


The actual website is created with Gatsby, with the legacy Wordpress as CMS built with Gatsby, importing articles with GraphQL.

Open Source

The project is Open Source and it's available on Github in this repository, where you can find obviously only the frontend.


Frontend is based on Gatsby, which is a React framework created to build static websites from dynamic assets. The website builds on Github Actions and then it goes on AWS S3 and the cache is on AWS Cloudfront.

BestOnDesk website


Wordpress is the CMS I used in this project, because the legacy website was on Wordpress, and there were more than 400 articles. I didn't have time to move the articles on another CMS, also because I used on Wordpress a plugin to show Amazon products, which are the core business of the website, so I continue to use Wordpress with the same plugin, but I redesigned the website and did it static with Gatsby.

Legacy website

The first website was based entirely on Wordpress, on an OpenLiteSpeed server on AWS EC2, performances were good for a Wordpress website, because it had a good cache system with LiteSpeed Cache, which has been a good choice. But we needed something more, so I decided to implement JAMStack, and I went for Gatsby.

BestOnDesk legacy website


We collaborate with some startups, like 4Books and we are affiliated with Amazon, Fiverr, BigCommerce, GearBest, SkyScanner and many other companies.

Telegram bot

I created a Telegram channel for BestOnDesk followers. There are 3 bots which let me manage that channel.

Manager bot

The manager bot is the one which permit me to start/stop the other bots and to have some info like percentages of usage of services, etc..

Target bot

The second bot use a list of ASINs (I created) and gets price averages for the last months, after that it calculates the target price for products, with a logarithmic expression.

Alert bot

Last but not least, the alert bot, it writes on Telegram channel the offers and the real discounts, because it alerts people only when price is really under the target price which is calculated on previous prices, and not on fake discounts you find on Amazon.