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Where can I find the website?

This is simple, you can find it here.

Why did I create this website?

A lot of friends often ask me which model of laptop should they buy, I help them searching on Amazon, but the laptops I advice are usually the same. For this reason I created ComputerPortatile, which is an Italian website, with the lists of the top laptops on Amazon.it.

Is helping the only reason I created this website?

Obviously not, having experience in affiliate marketing, the idea is earning through Amazon Affiliate Program, which I was part of some years ago with BestOnDesk. So I decided to reenter the program and try to earn something on this.

Are there plan for some ads?

Now I'm testing some keywords and SEO tricks, so I currently don't want to invest money in this project, because could be difficult to pay ads for these keywords.

How do I think this site will grow organically?

As I said, there are some keywords and SEO tricks which I'm trying and which I will try, to climb Google Rank and try to get to the top of Google Search.

Why didn't I publish the code?

I didn't publish the code because there are some SEO tricks I want to try and maybe keep them for other websites, so for now I don't want to publish the code. If you have a valid reason to see the code contact me, but no promises.


This is a website created in 10 days in free time, so about 20 hours, this means I didn't invest much time and money, because I don't have expectations. Let's see how it goes.